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O3 - Probiotics to treat pond bottom, cut harmful algae, clean pond water

+ Provide probiotics to treat pond bottom, cut harmful algae, clean pond water + Decompose quickly and strongly waste, excessive feed, dirty mud in the pond. + Improve water quality, stabilize water environment + Control harmful bacteria, decrease NO2, NH3,... in water + Clean lined-canvas, feeding tray very well.

NITRO 18 - Probiotics to clean water

For shrimp, the water environment is compared as atmosphere for human life, the shrimp will only grow and thrive well in a clean water environment. There are many factors that make the environment polluted as: excess shrimp feed, waste from shrimp metabolism as well as shrimp feces, the development of harmful algae and dead algae…


- Strengthen liver and immune system, reduce stress effectively under changing bad weather - Good tonic for liver, prevent liver diseases: white-liver, atrophy-liver, swelling-liver,… - Restore and regenerate shrimp liver cells, make shrimp liver become dark-brown color fastly

YUCCA 100 - Absorb toxic gases in aquaculture pond

BENEFITS: - Absorb toxic gas like NH3, improve water quality - Gives first aid in the situation of floating-head shrimp (piping shrimp ) caused by toxic gases.

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